Channel Surfers

We invite Pixelache visitors on a playful collaborative journey to dissolves interpersonal boundaries. You shall travel by wearing the Channel Surfers headsets. Each headset is equipped with a small television screen and a video camera. The headsets prevent their wearers from direct visual perception of the world. However, the television screens pick up live video transmissions from the different cameras. The arduino controllers enable continuous and dynamic altering of which camera is sending video to which TV screen. For instance, a participant will one moment be seeing through the camera they themselves are wearing, but then instantly be switched to seeing from the perspective of any other participant. Participant A & B can experience each other’s perspective but then be switched so that participant A sees from the perspective of B, but participant B sees from the perspective of participant C and so on.  

Participants will be guided together through participating in a variety of playful activities. These activities will be carefully chosen based upon our experimentation with different dynamic configurations of camera viewpoints to provide different sensations of I, We, You, and They. This selection will be adapted to local conditions but for instance may include parachute games, tug of war, massage circles and classic games and activities from community theatre.

Please note that registering to this activity takes place by Kiasma Seminar room, it's not possible to register in advance.

Channel Surfers is open 

Thursday: 11.30 - 15.30
Friday: 10.30  -  16.00
Saturday: 10.30 - 16.00
Sunday: 10.30 - 14.30

Channel Surfers 

The Channel Surfers all met through their involvement in the studio based IT Product Design masters programme at the University of Southern Denmark in Kolding. This international MSc course is part of the interdisciplinary design initiative SDU Design that brings together experts from design, engineering, social sciences, humanities and theatre. In June 2016, The Channel Surfers very much enjoyed their successful contribution to the Playful Arts Sessions event in The Netherlands.

Jakub Sypniewski (PL)

As a recording musician, Jakub (also known as “Kuba”) is focusing his design projects mostly around musical stage production elements and alternative ways of expression. He is a big fan of DIY electronics.

Merja Ryöppy (FI)

Merja is an actor at Theatre Lab – SDU Design, University of Southern Denmark. She works with students and researchers by using participatory theatre methods in the fields of design and innovation. Merja has an M.Sc. (tech) from Tampere University of Technology and a B.A. in applied theatre from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

Jakub Rybar (CZ)

Jakub’s IT background helps him better understand relationship between technology and people. He is very interested in experimenting new technology like wearable computing. Jakub is passionate about Experience Design.

Robb Mitchell (UK)

Robb is an Assistant Professor of Social Interaction Design. A graduate of Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art, he has exhibited widely as an interactive artists whilst also curating and developing many other creative technology projects

Steven Beck (DK)

Steven has a background as a E-concept developer, and has in his younger days been inventing low-tech prototypes with materials from old socks to clay in order to describe a concept for a user. He is very interested in the whole idea of participatory innovation and user experience design.