Tazebao Hybrid Ecosystem is an application or a recreational tool for social interaction that preserves the anonymity of its users. This experimental social software enables meeting and various activities of people using their geographical locations, while seemingly intriguing the users in a hide and seek game. The application is available for free during the Pixelache Festival, and is light, fast and easy to use, and simple to de-install without leaving any trace on your device.

The work is presented both in Kiasma and in Lapinlahti!

[epidemiC] defines TAZEBAO as an Hybrid Ecosystem, that is, an ecologist view to the dynamics happening in a geographical location where a community is using participatory social software. The augmented space in which those activities are performed creates a feedback loop influencing the evolution of those communities and determining their interaction in space.

After you download TAZEBAO, you need to choose a Nickname in order to send messages. Nicknames aren't unique or definitive. TAZEBAO will search for the device coordinates at the program start, and then query the server for all the messages present in the device proximity. Messages are shown ordered by physical distance, that is, the first message belongs to the person or device closest to you.

Tazebuzzer can change the distance range using the slider in the top bar. A search message by word is possible using the search tool in the top bar. Tapping on the message will allow chatting, no friendship required, touching for a longer time will select it. Messages will expire in a couple of days, so do all the related chats.

TAZEBAO will not ask for registration, because it doesn't have one. Registration does not exist. Profiling is useless.

About [epidemiC]
[epidemiC], well known for their shocking actions perhaps bordering digital crime, comes back with a new proposal that will be premiered at Pixelache festival, interfaces for empathy.