To Flavour Our Tears

Some species of moths and bees have evolved to land on mammalian eyelids (including humans) and drink our tears. In times of relentless human tragedy and environmental catastrophe, are we creating the perfect conditions for these tear-drinking insects to flourish? What do these insects want from our tears anyways?

Humans believe we have spent the last 10,000 years domesticating species of all sizes, shaping the planet in our image. Perhaps the tear-drinking insects have been domesticating us the entire time, and they are now ready to farm our tears more intensively. Should we be attempting to repel, attract or give thanks to those that dine on us?

‘To Flavour Our Tears’ is an experimental restaurant that investigates the culinary properties of tears, and the culinary needs of insects and other eaters-of-humans. How do you taste to the small organisms that consume parts of you everyday, and every last bit of you when you die?  How can humans manipulate our bodies, diet & emotions to change our own flavour?

As new tools of microbiome research reveals the many micro-organisms that live in and on us, the human body will be increasingly seen as an ecosystem, zoo or hospital. This is your chance to think of your body as a restaurant, and start to cook and flavour yourself well.

'To Flavour Our Tears' is open in Gallery Lapinlahti:
22. - 23.9. at 13 - 20
24.- 25.9. at 11 - 18

About The Center for Genomic Gastronomy

The Center for Genomic Gastronomy is an artist-led think tank launched in 2010 to investigate the organisms and environments manipulated by human food cultures. The Center has completed research and exhibited in Asia, Europe and North America, collaborating with scientists, chefs, hackers and farmers.

Their mission is to:
- map food controversies
- prototype alternative culinary futures
- and imagine a more just, biodiverse & beautiful food system.