Berry BaBe - A[l]live scene / Installation

The tongue and the Aronia m. Babe berry unite with minerals, wood and energy. Fused by forgotten and yet unearthed knowing they engage in an intraspecial ritual.

From the tonguetopological plane, the essence of the Aronia m. Babe berry comments intimately through the human on the human race. A constellation Inspired by joyful discussions on sensing, interpreting, thinking, enacting.

Berry Babe is part of a series of human attempts to assist the Aronia m. Baroa Belaobara berry in expressing its essence and relations to its ambient environment.

“Aronia is an apple.” -  Anete Boroduške, Biochemist


Idea: Aronia m. Baroa Belaobara and Bartaku
Realization: Bartaku in collaboration with Kira O´Reilly (course leader/lecturer) and students of MA Ecology and Contemporary Performance at the Theatre Academy of the University of Arts Helsinki. sink
Produced at Serde Arts Center as part of Frontiers in retreat (
Special thanks to HIAP, Mäki-Reinikka Kasperi, Gabriela Vranou, Marloes Van Son Kira O´Reilly and students.


Bartaku practices the art of enquiry with main interest in cognitive ecology, consciousness studies, neurobiology, energy and the philosophy of knowing and becoming. His work is often process-based, collaborative and situated in the folds and cracks of formal classifications. Since March 2016 he develops the entanglement with the Aronia m. BaBe berry as a Doctoral candidate at the Department of Arts, Design and Architecture of Aalto University (Fin). He is participating artist in arts ecology project and is a member of cultural lab FoAM (Bru) and of the Finnish Bioart Society.