The Power of Silent Wisdom Workshop

In 'Power of Silent Wisdom' -workshop, we experiment to open new realms into our understanding about the universe; how it functions from the point of view of the other species. Is it possible to reach deep understanding together with other species and how they can teach us to listen to ourselves. We get to know the healing power of the other species and the environment around us. We connect to the wisdom of the other animals and to their love.

During the workshop, we learn the basics of communicating with other animals. What the communications means, what it is not, how it can be used etc. We go through the ethical point of views of the communication and how it relates to the well-being of the other animals. We learn to communicate remote and in the presence of the other animal through practice-based exercises.

The workshop is both in English and Finnish.

About Maiccu Kostiainen and Ingela  Nicklas

Maiccu Kostiainen is a Finnish animal communicator who also gives lectures and courses about intuitive inter-species communication. Her biggest passion is to bring the messages from the other species for people and to give a voice to those who don’t speak the language of humans.
Ingela Nicklas is a Reiki Master, healing teacher, massager, crisis consult and animal communicator. Maiccu and Ingela have traveled the world together, meeting dolphins, whales, tigers, alligators and of course, the more usual cats and dogs. Each and everyone of these lives have thought them and clarified how the other animals experience the world and how it functions in a complete, beautiful way.