Keinutuoli Korner open forum

Rocking synchronously together in rocking chairs has scientifically been shown to increase feelings of affiliation between people and the success of joint activity. Keinutuoli Korner thus allows you to explore this synchronicity first hand. The space concept has been planned by the whole festival programme team as a collaborative experiment. In addition the Emotion Hack Day workshop will create unexpected modifications to a some of the rocking chairs to increase playfulness.

Importantly, 'Keinutuoli korner' functions as the festival open forum! Bring your ideas, demos, presentations, actions, performances... what ever comes to your mind. Available are screen and speakers, most likely an internet connection as well.

Keinutuoli Korner Open Forum is open 24.-25-9. (Sat from 11-18; Sun from 11-13).

The open forum is hosted and facilitated by
  • Andrew Gryf Paterson on Saturday [+358 50402 3828 -also on telegram, FB / Twitter @agryfp, andrew -at-]
  • John Fail on Sunday [+358 4046 61945, Twitter @hyksos, john -at-]

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Prepare the following info for etherpad please, then copy paste it into Etherpad under available & appropriate time-slot for you.

Name (capitals): XXX YYYY
Title of contribution, and indicated amount of time desired: XXX XXXX XXX (5 mins) (10 mins)
Email | FB or twitter ID | mobile contact: xxx@yyy.zzz | @xxx | +xxx xxxxxxx 
Link for more info: http://
 Each person can have 5 or 10 mins max during the open forum. 
Although it is an open space, we will not tolerate time-wasters !! Please consider other people's use of limited time carefully and empathetically <<3