Active Dreaming for Empathy

Our project was fraught with peril.
The ground we hoped to explore was untouched.  
No one had sifted through or even identified useful source materials...
We had to clear away the brush, stake our claim, and, like archaeologists approaching a site known to contain riches too great to be systematically explored, settle for excavating a few preliminary trenches.

GEORGES DUBY, ON THE MAKING OF:  'A History of Private Life'

This wonderful quote at the beginning of the book ‘The Secret History of Dreaming’, by Robert Moss, provides the ideal opportunity to describe what will happen if you decide to participate in one (or both) of the Becomebecome Dream Workshops designed for Pixelache Festival’16 at Lapinlahti.

In all cultures around the world, night-time dreams, in concert with coincidence and imagination, have resulted in artistic productions, scientific discoveries, political turnarounds and spiritual breakthroughs. We will explore and define a few simple strategies to work with information that we access during our dreams.

It can be information from the past, from the future, from people at a distance in space, and from people at a distance in time. Ancestors, spiritual guides, totem animals... Information about health, love, fortune, professional endeavours, art projects...

Any topic that is important for our life at a given moment can inform the space into which we receive information from dreams. The endless trajectories of our journeys in dreamspace contain ‘riches too great to be systematically explored‘ but we will stake our claim and discover how group-dynamics and process-based strategies leverage insight from the collective unconscious and make it available to our collaborative consciousness.

During the short time together we will have a few drumming sessions, we will learn about the Active Dreaming protocol, and we will experience first-hand how to work with the playful and mysterious Dream Tarot. As a consequence of the time we spend together we will go forward into our lives with new ideas on how to look at things differently in our everyday life. This simple protocol for working with dreams creates a space for empathy where social and cultural barriers can be reduced and the bonds we share with others introduce new knowledge in our individual lives. The purpose of the event is also to provide the basic steps necessary to explore on your own after the workshop is finished.

If you decide to participate, please remember to bring a notebook and a pen for your personal diary. Also, please bring a Yoga mat and maybe a pillow for extra comfort. We will rest and sit during 4 to 5 hours, it is important that you feel comfortable during the experience.
The two Deam Workshops both accomondate 18 people. Please register in advance in the form below. Also, state if you want to take part in the both workshops or just one.
Workshop times:
24.9. at 14 - 18
25.9. at 14 - 20
The language of the workshops is English.

Thank you for the time you took to read this short programme description.
See you in Dreamspace ;)

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About Andrea Traldi

Andrea Traldi has been organising successful full-immersive retreats, workshops and regular short gatherings for several years. As it pertains to work with dreams and the subconscious he received a full degree in Clinical and Community Psychology from the University of Rome, La Sapienza with a final thesis entitled: The Temporal Dimension and The Construction of Reality. He is now a PhD Candidate Researcher with the Faculty of Arts and Media at University of Plymouth, where he continues research on the same subject.

One on one techniques: He has been studying and exploring traditional Medicine for 20 years already. He is a certified practitioner in the following Alternative Medicine techniques: - Hands-on Healing - Biomagnet Therapy - Bach Flowers Therapy - Kinesiology

Body Techniques and Group-Dynamics: He has been running the Spanish network of Anatomy of Movement® as an organiser, a teacher, and a teacher trainer.
See full calendar of activities here (click on each workshop for complete details)

He has been training for several years with dream techniques and he has run Dreamwork thematic gatherings on a regular basis in Barcelona (mailing list mostly, but traces can be found here):

Dream workshop in China, November 2015:
Dream workshop and Conference on scheduled in Egypt, May 2016:

He has co-created, run and participated in the following Masterclasses specifically oriented at a public of artists and researchers:
Becomebecome Masterclass in Kefalonia - 2014
Becomebecome Masterclass in Athens - 2016 (May)

The above mentioned qualifications have set a precedent for a solid experience as a group leader, and a person that can create a space where it is possible to explore beyond the boundaries of conventional cognitive and behavioural routines in a safe and fun environment.