Waste Food Fermentation Workshop

Waste Fermentation workshop is a participatory hands-on tutorial which uses fermentative processes in order to transform waste organic matter and food into eatables. More than that it intends to shift a common way of thinking about food and waste simply by reversing this process: we are going to turn organic matter we usually throw away (fruit peels, greens of vegetables or slightly expired products) into vinegar and kinds of fermented pickles.  

To participate in the workshop no prior knowledge of fermentation or special equipment is needed. The participants are ought to bring just a big jar with lid, cutting board, knife and if possible some food scraps as apple peels and cores or greens of vegetables eg. radish greens.

The workshop is a part of Pixelache's Ferment Lab project http://pixelache.ac/projects/ferment-lab.

About Agnieszka Pokrywka

Agnieszka Pokrywka (PL/FI) by education is a filmmaker, interaction designer, art critic and physicist. By practice, she is a graphic designer, researcher and cultural organizer. By heart, she is a multimedia explorer interested in participatory, collaborative and open source practices. Currently, in collaboration with John W.Fail, she works on Biathlon, a toolkit for cultural production supported throughout the year by the Kone Foundation. In her free time she experiments with bacteria whether preparing food, cleaning or fortunetelling.