Hackteria's Emphatetic Taxidermia Lab Starts Today at Temporary
10 September 2016

'Hackteria's Empathetic Taxidermia Lab' is a durational, collaborative and explorative experimentation on taxidermy with Marc Dusseiller, a co-founder of the Hackteria network. The aim of the lab is to investigate artistic practices and traditional craft with living/non-living media to reconnect us with our ecosystem and ourselves. 

At this formal opening of Hackteria's Empathetic Taxidermia Lab, Marc will introduce the project and explore some of the possibilities for taxidermy and preservation of the formely living stuff.

On the agenda is to disuss how to modify a workspace into a "temporary" laboratory/taxidermia workshop, and to explore and experiment with the tools and materials available. Some drinks and snacks are on offer to all our guests!

Check more info from the event at Temporary website!