'Interfaces for Empathy' programme team
21 June 2016

Pixelache Festival 2016 - 'Interfaces for Empathy' programme has been put together by an interdisciplinary team of artists, curators and researchers. The festival is co-directed by Mari Keski-Korsu and Petri Ruikka while the programming been supported by the festival advisory board consisting of artists Laura Beloff and Egle Oddo and researchers Katri Saarikivi and Valtteri Wikström from the research group NEMO. As always, Pixelache members and community has contributed in the creation of the festival programme.

The programme team has been meeting regularly over the spring to discuss the festival in detail. The aim of the group has been at developing a collective method of curating, through throrough interdisciplinary discussions, at the same time as creating the actual festival programme. The collective curatorial effort has been generously supported by the Kone Foundation.