Pixelache Festival 2016 - 'Interfaces for Empathy' open call now!
06 April 2016

Pixeache Festival 2016 - 'Interfaces for Empathy' has an open call for performances, interventions, installations, talks, workshops, actions, processes, etc. in any field. The call is open until 1st of May 2016.

Go to more information about the call and online form to propose your project. >>

The perspective that Pixelache’s 2016 festival Interfaces for Empathy explores is one of empathy. The festival sets out to engage with the question and proposal that maybe empathy could be learned, found or especially re-found through bodily presence or experimental communication that is not limited only in between humans. The festival embraces embodied and alternate visions of perception that distance us from the perceptual machines that we might be in danger of becoming due to sense-altering medias and augmented realities. Is it possible, through this very basic ability to sense or identify, to change the narrative of the human-kind towards being a more balanced part of the ecosystems we live within? The dimension of empathy we are especially exploring in this years festival is on microlevel; individual experience, identity and on personal relations.