ROG starts in Tampere today
01 August 2016

Recycling Olympic Games (ROG) is an alternative sports event that is focused on creative waste reusing where teams compete for the title of “Finnish UpCycling Champion” and the winning team will be invited to participate in the international Recycling Olympic Games. The project enables situation-specific, creative production and performative actions to be happening at the site of ROG and around Tampere for the duration of the games.

During the ROG week teams will be expected to camp, barbecue, work and have fun in the sun and water. In the opening ceremony, each team gets randomly chosen challenge, which they try to fulfill according to their best capabilities. 

Register now, in teams or individually, by filling out the form here:

(Those who participate without a team will be assigned into one).

01/08: Arrival of participants, assigning of tasks & team planning
02-05/08: Working time
06/08: Judging, hanging out, party/BBQ
07/08: Cleaning up and departure

- Water Sports: Build a water slide, diving tower or other floating structure for playing in the water out of skipped/recycled/found materials.
- Siesta Raft: Construct a large, covered floating space which could be used for napping/meeting/hanging out. The space should keep the sun off for afternoon siestas.
- TrollAtoll: Build a floating space for barbeques, bonfires and drinking beer all using recycled/skipped materials.
- PersonalProjectiles: Build a floating device such as a trebuchet, catapult or crossbow that is able to project a person into the water using skipped/recycled/found materials.
- WetDreams: Build a floating functioning solar shower and/or hot-tub out of skipped/recycled/found materials.
- Pirate Shipping: Create something(s) for transporting multiple people, materials, and/or stolen treasure around the lake out of skipped/recycled/found materials..

Teams will be judged based on:
*With bonus points awarded to teams during their final presentation for trashion, aesthetics and showmanship