Double Appearances Workshop

Double Appearances Workshop by Jukka Hautamäki and Roberto Pugliese explore the theme of interface and instruments of empathy. Technology promises experiences that involve the whole body and the senses to the extent that our perception and consciousness can be strongly affected. The goal of the workshop is to approach both theoretically as well as with hands-on practices the design of new interfaces that mediate social encounters and human relations.

The programme will consist of a 4-day hands-on collaborative platform, where 10-15 artists and makers will exchange ideas and practices for the creation of interfaces and artworks to be exhibited in MUU gallery. Through an open call we will invite artists and makers to present proposals and ideas as a reaction to the theme 'for empathy' and in relation to their practices. Selected participants of the workshop will form groups and design objects/interfaces to be exhibited in the gallery. The process starts before workshop through informal on-line sessions during which participants can introduce themselves, share the initial ideas and start brainstorming. A guideline for the workshop is to take advantage of alternative energy sources and recycled materials.  

Context and source of inspiration for the workshop are the participatory sound works of Kureniemi. His work poses us an interesting question on how we should consider the instruments Kureniemi has designed. Are they objects to be exhibited, are they interfaces for expression to be explored as installations or are they instruments for music performance not to be put in a glass shell?
The interfaces will be designed to have this double nature of interface and instrument. At the opening of the exhibition, participants and also audience will take the interfaces from the stands and engage in a participatory performance.

Participants are expected to have familiarity with media art practices but bringing their unique way of working with technology, art and crafts, while taking it out from their comfort zone. Intangible outcomes: networking, exchange of working methods and artistic processes when working with technology.

The workshop is organised by Artists’ Association MUU with Kruks - Finnish association for art and technology. The production of the workshop is supported by Educational Centre Visio.

Schedule and info

Open Call, Deadline: Monday 5. September 2016, 9pm
Answer to applicants: 6.-7. September
Online working: 3 hours between 10.-18. September
Workshop: 19.-22. September, daily between 10 – 17 (possibly evening working if needed)
Setup for the presentation / concert and exhibition: 23. September
Presentation / concert: 23. September
Exhibition: 24.-25. September 2016

Place: MUU Media Base & MUU Galleria, Lönnrotinkatu 33, Helsinki
(+ 3 hours online working before workshop)
Deadline for the applications: Monday 5. September 2016!
Languages in workshop: Finnish and English
Participation fee: 25 €

More information and how to apply to the workshop can be found here!

About Jukka Hautamäki and Roberto Pugliese

Sound and media artist Jukka Hautamäki lives and works in London, UK. Hautamäki works with found materials, electronics, sound, light and video. His works are usually presented in form of media installation and live electronics sound performance.  Hautamäki has performed live in Europe and North America. Performance venues include La-bas Biennale, Lal lal lal and Aave festival in Helsinki, Ges21 in St. Petersburg, Avatar Centre in Quebec City, Electric Knife in London, Madame Claude in Berlin and CT-SWaM at Fridman Gallery, Trans Pecos in New York. 
Hautamäki has given numerous interactive sound art and electronics workshops and courses in Finland (Helse, MUU, Aalto University), Germany, UK, Netherlands, Poland and Estonia. 

Roberto Pugliese is a media artist and researcher based in Helsinki. His work consists of compositions, installations and performances and is often concerned with memories, the concept of interface and based on the augmentation of physical media. By collecting, processing and coupling found sounds and visual material, he works toward a common language among visual and sonic imageries. His installations often use acoustic sounds and their transformation to establish alternative relations between the visitor and the space. He has presented his work in festivals such as Pixelache (FI), Aave (FI), Plektrum (EE), Cartes Flux (FI) and Loikka (FI) and in galleries such as MUU Galleria (FI), the Science Gallery (IE) and Eyebeam (NY).