The physical force of emotions moves sound and matter. It leaks and streams out. It wrings the face, gives it color, and tints the voice of a speaker. Artificial intelligence will learn to understand the gestures linked to certain emotions, but how can it learn to feel emotions without a body?

Olento is an interactive art work and an artificial intelligence made in co-operation between the Olento collective and the NEMO research group. The goal is to find a digital language for emotions through aesthetics. Olento forms its digital body through aesthetic components: it shows its emotions in its changing form, color, surface and breath.

In Pixelache, Olento is an installation that changes in response to the presence of a viewer.

Olento collective 
Olento collective is an art oriented working group developing Olento artificial intelligence. Members of the collective are Saara Hannus, Jani Hietanen, Matti Hyvönen, Jaana Ristola and Ismo Torvinen. The collective evolves based on the needs of Olento.

Olento is supported by AVEK – The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture and VISEK Centre for the Promotion of Visual Art